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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Double spin day!

I have been so impressed with my husband's gusto about working out lately!  Usually I'm the one wanting to do something more - more running, more spinning, more time in the weight room.  But lately he's been the one suggesting we add another spin class or another day at the gym, which makes it so fun for me.

So, this morning we went to the gym at 6am for spinning.  We had an instructor that I've never had before.  She had us get off the bike periodically to do push-ups.  It was another sweat-fest.  When that class finished, I got on a treadmill for my daily mile run, which was kind of slow (almost 11 minutes), but my legs were tired!  Then we still had about an hour before the next spin class started so we did strength training.  Today my focus muscle groups were chest and biceps, but I also added in just a few leg and core exercises that I couldn't do yesterday at home.  There are some really cool machines at the gym!

Finally, we headed back into the spin room for another awesome class.  As tired as I was, I still felt better the second hour than the first.  It's almost like it takes my body that long to get into a groove.  Spinning is so fun to me.  I find it to be much more intense (cardio-wise) than running, unless I'm doing speed work or something, so it feels like I'm really pushing myself every class.  I love that.  It's so addicting.  Still, nothing beats a good, looonnnggg run, so my heart says. :)

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