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Monday, July 2, 2012

Something new...

Today was a different kind of Monday workout.  Last night my friend Holly called me and wanted to know if I would like to run a long run with her this morning.  Of course, I do love a good, long run with Holly, but I just got my schedule figured out and today's run was supposed to be an "easy" 5 miler.  When I told her about my new schedule and the addition of a couple of weight training days, she was eager to join me.  So...we went on an "easy" 5 miler this morning at 5:30am, then came back to my house where we spent almost an hour doing legs and core work with weights and the stability ball.  I can't really honestly say the 5 miles was easy, because as I've explained before, Holly is a much faster runner than me.  Even when she attempts to slow down for me, we still end up going at a faster pace than I'm used to running.  In the end, we did 5.11 miles and it only took us 49 minutes - that's an average pace of 9:43 minutes per mile.  While the run was certainly challenging for me, I did notice that it really didn't take me long to recover, which hopefully means I am continuing to get in better shape!

After my husband got home from work this afternoon, he wanted to get in some cardio, too.  So we checked the schedule at the gym and saw there was a 5:45 spinning class, so off we went!  For some reason the class seemed particularly sweaty.  I'm not sure if it's the late afternoon heat or what, but we both were completely soaked head to foot by the time we were finished.  Speaking of which, I really need to go re-fill my water bottle right now! :)


  1. Thanks! Just like you talked about in a post the other day, having a running buddy to push us can be a good thing - on some days! ;)

  2. Nice job on the 5 miler! I need a speedy buddy to run with to make me go faster!


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