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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yep, a better day.

So it turns out that a little extra sleep actually does go a long way to better health!  When I first woke up at around 6 this morning and thought about how I needed to to get up and go out for my scheduled run, my body was arguing with me, big time.  I was aching and sore all over: my legs, my arms, my sides, even the muscles around my hips were feeling sore!  I'm blaming it on that Jillian Michaels DVD we did on Monday, because I could already feel the soreness setting in within an hour of doing it, and it got progressively worse. I guess that means it's a good one and I should probably snag my own copy of "Six Week - Six Pack"!

Anyway, after checking on the kids and realizing that only one of them was awake and was just quietly watching TV, I went back to bed.  Next thing I knew it was 8:30, which is quite late for me.  Once I was up and moving around, I started to feel a little better, but I knew it was already going to be too hot outside to do my run, since my schedule called for about 3 miles of speed work.  So, since my husband was at home and had some things to do around the house, I decided to go to the gym.  I started out with speed work on a treadmill.  I did a fast walk-jog-sprint sequence until I had reached 30 minutes, which ended up being 2.75 miles.  After I finished with that, I went into the weight room where I spent another 30 minutes focusing on shoulders and traps.  Finally, I somehow found myself in the spin room waiting for the noon spin class to begin. :)  I love spinning and today's class totally made up for the lackluster performance I had yesterday morning.  My most favorite instructor (Misty) was substituting for another instructor, which totally made my day.  I love how I feel after a good spin class.

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