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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Status check.

My workout report for the day comes as my typical Tuesday:  I went to the gym early this morning, got on a treadmill first thing for a mile warm-up, then spent 45 minutes doing strength training, focusing on biceps and chest, and ended with a spin class.

I feel like my Tuesday and Thursday workouts are starting to get a little stale.  I might have to start throwing something new or different in there to mix things up a bit.  I'm not sure what.  Any suggestions?? :)

Also, this heat is making me grumpy.  We are definitely not used to so many 90-100+ degree days in a row here in southeastern Idaho.  I do love having warm weather, but two months (plus) of this heat and I find myself really looking forward to fall-like temperatures again...

This was last October, while hiking in the mountains...where the temperature was just perfect. :)


  1. I hear ya on the fall temps! This summer has been brutal. I think you should give running on hiking trails a try! Are there mt. biking or equestrian trails in your area? Around here they are usually better than marked hiking trails.

  2. I am so over the heat! And the storms, I am ready for Fall!


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