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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9 miles, all normal and stuff.

Yep, things are getting back to normal.  Well, whatever normal means.  I guess for me it means training runs (though I'm not particularly training for anything specific right now) on a cool - no, cold - fall morning.  When I took the kids to school, the thermometer said 38 degrees!  Brrr!  I started out my run in one of my warmer long sleeved running tops.  Of course, with the sun shining brightly, by about mid-run I was able to take off the top layer.  I did a 9 mile loop from my house.  No distractions, just me, my music, the cool breeze, the trees changing colors, minimal leg pain - a good run.  :)


  1. That sounds amazing! Congrats on such a good run!

  2. Holy moly 38 degrees, wow that's a pretty drastic change! Although I am defintely loving the fall temps down here in NC...50's and 60's love it!


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