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Monday, September 24, 2012

A weekend in Jackson Hole.

On Sunday my husband ran his second ever marathon!  We had a great time spending a couple of days in beautiful Jackson Hole as a family, and supporting him on his endeavor.  I took a gazillion photos, but I'll just share a few of my favorites with you all.  If anyone out there is looking for a great destination marathon to run, or if you are trying to be a member of the 50 states club - this would be a great one for you!

The course starts in downtown Jackson, then follows paved nature trails, side roads and highway to make it's way to the world famous ski resort of Teton Village.  The course is pretty flat, but the elevation in Jackson is around 6400' above sea level.  While that elevation is only a slight increase for us from where we live in the mountains of Idaho, Chris said he did hear some of the other non-local runners complaining about the effect the altitude was having on them.

The night before the race, we went on a short drive in the area and spotted lots of moose, deer and even a little black bear.  There have been so many wildfires in the region that the smoke in the air was thick, making it hard to get a good view of the Teton mountains, but it was still gorgeous.

Chris looked strong the whole run.  At around mile 23 when we checked in with him, he was complaining of a lot of pain in his knees and the tops of his feet, but he hung in there and got it done!  We're so proud of him.

And check out the unique medals they gave out this year!

Where else would you get a cool medal like that?! :)

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