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Friday, September 21, 2012

A couple of days gone by...and before and after pics!

Thought I'd check in with y'all before I'm gone for a couple of days with our family to support my husband as he runs his second marathon!

Yesterday was a typical Thursday for me.  After getting the kids to school, I headed to the gym for a 20 minute strength training session followed by a spin class.  Then I went to the grocery store before going back to the gym for Muscle Fusion X at noon.  Man, I love that class.  Almost as much as I love spinning, which I love almost as much as I love running.  So many 'loves' in my life right now. :)

This morning, after sleeping in until 7:30, I had time to do a few miles on the treadmill before going to the gym for another spin class.  I spent the rest of the day preparing all kinds of snacks, sandwiches and meals to take with us in the cooler to help me keep things "clean" even while we're out on the road.  It's only a two day trip, but it took me over 5 hours to get all the food fixed and pack our bags and get things ready to go.  I actually wish we could stay longer.  I love Jackson Hole in the fall.  I can't wait to share pictures with you all.  Definitely one of the most beautiful places ever, although there is a lot of smoke in the air right now due to all the wildfires in our region.  I just hope it doesn't affect Chris too much while he is running his marathon.

So I finally think I'm starting to notice some changes in my body from all the strength training I've been doing, and also most likely as a result of the tweaks in my diet for the past month or more.  On the left, a picture of me after getting ready to go on a date with my husband last night.  And just for fun, a picture of me in 2001, hiding behind my baggy sweater and pants:

Wow.  What a difference a decade makes, right?!  Who would have thought I'd look better at 37 than I did at 27.

I haven't worn these particular jeans since the winter, so I was pretty excited that when I put them on, they fit even better than they used to.  I'm still anxious to continue to see improvements as I stick with a clean diet and keep doing the new classes I've added to my weekly routine.  No more hiding in baggy clothes. :)


  1. Well I think you look fabulous in both images. :) You look very pretty in 2001 too, but you definitely have a more lean body now! Yay for all of your hard work in becoming a much healthier person! I do think you look YOUNGER now than you did 10 years ago!

  2. Wow Priscilla, you look great! Keep up the good work! You are very inspiring!


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