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Saturday, September 29, 2012

I did something I've been wanting to do...

For a while now I've been waiting for the right opportunity to do something different and fun - run to the gym from our house then do a workout when I get there.  This morning I got up with it in my mind that I was going to run 20 miles.  Prior to today, my weekly running mileage was at 32 miles and I figured if I ran 20 today I would be at 50+ for the week and that would be pretty cool.

I left the house early - 6am - equipped with my husband's headlamp and all my water and fuel for a 20 miler.  My husband, on the other hand, was planning to do a workout at the gym a little later in the morning.  When I got to about 6 or 7 miles, I realized there was an opportunity presenting itself.  The route I was running would lead me right to the gym, if I kept going past my intended turn around point.  So I called my husband and told him I would meet him there and then we could come home together.  I felt really good on my run, too.  When I got to the gym I had gone 13.5 miles and I really felt like I could have kept on going.  I guess that's a good thing, right?

Then I went into the gym and did almost a half hour of strength training, mostly biceps.  On my way, I just had to snap a picture next to this Port-a-Potty.  It's on a route that I take frequently for longer runs and sometimes...well, I'm just so glad it's there.  :)

So I didn't hit the  50 mile mark for the week, but I did end up with 45 miles for the week and I'd say that's a dang good week of training.  And I'm not even training for anything.  Sheesh...I need to find a marathon to sign up for.

Later in the afternoon, we went on a family drive in the mountains near town and got these great photos.  Just   thought I'd share them with you all. :)

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