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Friday, September 28, 2012


Going into this week, I was a tad concerned about how my normal workouts would go.  You see, my favorite instructor at the gym was on vacation and I knew I would be facing a week of substitutes.  Of course, I still got in all my favorite classes, minus two of my usual spin classes - Monday and Friday.  Instead of doing those two classes, I did a little extra running.  And that, it turns out, made for a great week.

Yesterday would normally have been the day I have two classes with said instructor.  In the morning I went to the gym and did 20 minutes of weights on my own, then went to spinning with substitute number one for the day.  Spin class was fine, and while not quite as intense as the classes I'm used to, I still worked up a really good sweat.  Then after lunch, I went back to the gym for class #2 for the day: Muscle Fusion X.  The sub for this class was hard core!  I think I got as good of workout in that class as I did the first time I ever took the class when I thought I might actually throw up.  We pulled out all of the equipment for this class: barbell with weights, hand weights, steps (with extra height), bands, mats and skater slides.  We did the usual leg-type exercises - lunges, squats, calf raises, jumps.  Then we did some arm work - tricep dips, inverted push ups, clean and press.  All of this strength training mixed with a variety of cardio - burpees, skaters, running laps, steps, mountain climbers and a bunch of other stuff, I don't even remember it all.  Yeah, it was awesomely hard. :)

(Slide mat for skaters and mountain climbers.)

Today I did some more running.  I didn't have time to do too long of a run, since I had to be at cub scout meetings by 10.  I started out at around 6:30 and since it was still dark outside, I just headed to the park to run laps around the track.  I ended up doing 5.15 miles in just under 55 minutes.  I actually felt pretty good, too.  It was kind of nice to just put my pace on cruise-control, with no hills to worry about, and just run at a steady, comfortable pace.

Tomorrow I plan to do some more running, and if I have time to fit it in, a long run.  I'm trying to make a little weekly goal I've set.  Tune in tomorrow to see if I reached it... ;)

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  1. Nice run! I know what you mean about the track--that little circle is so boring, but sometimes love putting on a podcast and zoning out w/out worry of traffic or terrain. That muscle fusion class sounds crazy hard.


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