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Monday, October 22, 2012

A different Monday.

Another interesting week for me: my husband is out of town for work until late Friday, and we (meaning the kids) have something going on every single day.  So my plan is to make the most of the time I have while they are at school.

Normally Monday is reserved for a long run in the morning and a spin class in the evening, but today's rainy, cold weather put a damper on my run and a Teddy Bear Picnic with my 1st grader is taking precedence over my usual spin class.

So instead, I went to the gym this morning and started out on a treadmill.  I began with a run of a little over 3 miles.  Then I got started on some weight lifting.  Strength training today included calves, shoulders, back and abs.  I went steady on the weights for almost an hour, then I went back to a treadmill and did another 2 mile run, then took about 15 minutes to rest before spin class started at noon.  Spin class was great, as usual.  After all of that, I brought my sweat-soaked self back home for a shower and now I'm sitting here listening to the rain pour down.


  1. Okay, inquiring minds want to know. Or at least I do. When do you have time to do things like clean your house or do laundry or make dinner? If I don't get up to work out at 5 am, I simply don't get it done--or I have to do it after the kids are in bed. And that's not just because I still have one at home with me--I just have so much other stuff to do just to keep my house functioning, I have to limit the time I have for working out. (And believe me, it is not like my house is super-clean. I am forever behind on laundry and I don't remember the last time I dusted.) I just wonder how you have time to do it all! Share your secret!!

  2. Ugh, I hate weeks like that! Of course your hubby has to be away, too. Double-whammy. I hope the week flies by for you!


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