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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Today's workout and Halloween candy.

Before I get to the candy topic, let me tell you about my workouts today. :)

A typical Tuesday for me: I started out with 20 minutes of strength training before going to spin class.  I did triceps and biceps using both free weights and machines.  After spin class, I made a quick trip back home to pick up my husband (who had slept in a bit in preparation for starting back on night shift tonight) so he could go with me to Muscle Fusion class.  Class was great, as always.  I went up on my weight amounts for the tricep exercises, so after a double dose of triceps and biceps, my arms are feeling pretty shaky tonight.

Now on to the Halloween candy.  In years past, I have always allowed myself some "splurges" when all the holiday treats start to pour in, but have especially dreaded Halloween because of all of the temptation sitting around after the kids get back from their trick-or-treating expeditions.

This year things are different.  Since I have been following a clean-eating plan for almost 12 weeks now, for the first time ever, I don't even feel tempted by the candy.  Not having had any processed sugar for 3 months, my cravings are gone and when I think about how good I feel, I have no desire to mess with that just for the sake of a little chocolate confection.  Don't get me wrong, my sweet tooth is not completely gone, but at this point I'm much more content to eat an apple with some natural peanut butter or a homemade peanut butter and oatmeal protein bar than something processed.  This is huge.  Even as the candy and treats have already started making their way into our home, I haven't had a single piece and what's even better is how great it feels to be in control over the (previous) temptation.  It would be easy to say, "One or two pieces isn't going to hurt anything," but in my mind, if I am to maintain the integrity of my mantra - the results will come if I stick with this one day at a time - every single choice counts.  No, one or two pieces of candy won't make me gain weight or get off track, but choosing to put something into my mouth that I know has no nutritional value whatsoever will have an effect on my mental status.

On another note, I am getting kind of excited for the half marathon on Saturday.  As it turns out, my husband (who was initially planning to run it with me), has decided not to run as he is letting his body heal from a couple of lingering injuries.  So that means I'll be running with my friend, Lisa AND as a bonus, we'll have someone to track us on the course and take some pictures! :)  It's also supposed to be great weather on Saturday, which should make for a terrific run.  Tomorrow I'm planning to hit the road for a 5 miler and that will be my only run until Saturday.  Here's to hoping that my knee doesn't give me any trouble...

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  1. I'm literally sitting next to tons of halloween candy and even though I'm struggling a little, I'm so glad that I decided that I'm not going to eat even one piece. The guilt would not be worth it.


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