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Saturday, November 10, 2012

At the week's end.

This was a rare week for me.  I hardly did any running.  I did a couple of miles on Tuesday, walked 4 miles on Wednesday, ran laps at the gym on Thursday and then again today, as part of the cardio intervals during Muscle Fusion X class.  That's it.  Oddly enough, I don't even feel that bad about it.  I rationalized it with the fact that I just ran that half-marathon one week ago, and I did 5 1/2 spinning classes this week.  That's still quite a bit of cardio.

Yesterday Chris and I went to a spinning class at noon, then this morning we went to an early spin class, but only stayed for about 30 minutes because there was another class that coincided with it that we wanted to go to.  It was a Muscle Fusion class taught by my favorite, Misty.  Normally Muscle Fusion is just a series of choreographed, lighter weight strength training exercises using a barbell and free-weights.  But today, Misty gave us the option of adding the cardio intervals, such as we do during Muscle Fusion X.  I opted to add the cardio, as did most of the class.  So for an hour and 15 minutes, we worked on legs (squats, lunges, jumps), triceps (overhead press, dips), chest/shoulders/lats (push-ups, clean and press, lateral flies), biceps (bicep curls with a barbell for about 4 minutes without a rest) and core (a variety of crunches).  All of that broken up with laps run around the track, football feet with squat jumps, jumping jacks and jumps using the bench.  Great class, awesome workout.

Tomorrow - a rest day, then we begin again.

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  1. I think some time off of run is well deserved! It's not like you're taking a real "break!"


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