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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finally, some changes.

Hey, everyone!  After a week-long hiatus from blogging, I'm in the mood to post again.  I had several reasons for not posting every day this week.  Mainly, my mental and emotional states were a little funky, so I thought it best to just lay low until I felt a little more "sorted" out.

Of course, just because I wasn't blogging, doesn't mean I was being lazy in my workouts.  I ended the week having done 4 strength training sessions, 4 spin classes, 2 Muscle Fusion classes, a 5 mile walk and a 10.5 mile RUN.  (See?  Still running. :)

My most pressing news is that this morning I had my first (official) meeting with my new trainer, Misty.  I am beyond excited to get this opportunity to work with her.  I felt like a little girl on Christmas eve last night as I laid in bed thinking about getting to talk to her about my fitness goals, anxious to hear what she would have to say about how she can help me.  This is a HUGE luxury for me.  As you all know (thanks to this post), we live a very simple life.  Not many luxuries here.  After several discussions with my husband, I wavered back and forth between being okay with spending the money on myself in this way or not.  I finally decided that it was worth it to me at this point in my life.  I haven't gone into this commitment lightly.  I've been watching Misty at the gym for the past 9 months, taking her classes, been inspired by her zeal for fitness, her charisma, strength and amazing physical prowess (I MUST get a picture of this woman for you all to see what I mean - she is awesome!) and I am certain she is the one I need to help me become who I'm trying to be.  She understands the human body so well, in it's functionality and capacity to be it's best through proper and smart training and nutrition.  If I can't get into the best shape of my life with her training and guidance, and finally be at peace with the shape of my physical body, then I will have to come to terms with it, knowing I did everything I could.

It might sound kind of cheesy, but knowing I can trust in her is a big deal.  I am not someone who concedes easily that I can't do everything on my own.  I've worked really hard to get myself where I am today, and pretty much done it all on my own.  A year ago I never would have even considered using a personal trainer, but after being at a standstill with my fitness level and not seeing the changes I would like to make to my physique, even after working so hard all the time and trying to eat well, I realize I need her to give me that outside perspective and expertise.

So I went to the gym today, and followed Misty into a room I didn't even know existed.  A cold room with harsh fluorescent lighting, mirrors covering one entire wall, a desk, chair and a scale.  Any semblance of self-assured-ness was checked at the door, as I was weighed, measured and pinched with the fat measuring calipers.  My weight was no surprise, neither were my measurements, but I had no idea what to expect with the body fat percentage thing.  I might as well just tell you that my body fat percentage was 25.5%, since I'm sure I'll be updating you later as this number goes down! ;)  I actually had to come home and do a little research online to find out where that percentage put me, compared with the norm.  This is what I found:

Body Fat Percentage Women 25%

This is on the low end of what’s average for most women and is characterized by a shape that is neither too slim, nor overweight. Curves in the hips are usually more apparent along with more fat in the buttocks and thighs. A 5’4” women who weighs 130lb and has 97lb of lean body mass has 25% body fat.

Sounds about right, I guess.  Now comes the hard part: letting go of my old training routine and embracing the new, lower cardio, higher weight-training regimen.  I haven't seen the official schedule yet, as Misty is still putting it together, but starting Monday and for (at least) the next 8 weeks, I will be doing 2 runs a week - one shorter, one longer - 1 or 2 spinning classes, 2 Muscle Fusion classes and 6 days a week of strength training in the weight room.  I am actually looking forward to doing something a little bit different.  I realize I'm going to really have to dig down deep and channel my inner "beast" to attack the weight room with such fierceness.

I know some of you may be wondering why I feel the need to "change" who I already am, after all, I am physically fit enough to finish a marathon, so I must be doing okay, right?  Well, I know you all know what it's like to not feel completely comfortable in your own skin, to be focused on each flaw instead of relishing the good things about ourselves.  I basically feel trapped in this body that I know has the potential to be so much more functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.  I may not be able to get rid of all of the stretch marks or cellulite, but I am certainly going to try to tone up as much as I am capable.  I've seen others do it, so I know I can do it too.  It's just going to take a little time.  Good enough is never enough for me.  I've already seen such improvements with my running in the past few months as an effect of the minimal strength training I've done on my own, that I can only imagine the strides I can take in the future, after I've transformed into a lean, muscular machine. ;)

And speaking of running...I also have some more distant goals involving running.  In May, I'll of course be running the Ogden Marathon, which has become a tradition, of sorts, for me and my running mentor to do together, so I'm looking forward to that.  I also have another (big) goal: my friend Lisa and I have decided we're going to tackle our first official Ultra-Marathon!  Yep, you heard me - ULTRA!  In June we're going to embark on a 40 mile adventure to Bone and Back (that's actually what the race is called, "To Bone and Back", since it goes from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Bone, Idaho and back)!

So lots of interesting posts to come, as I share my thoughts with you during this new phase in my fitness life...


  1. I'm glad you're back; I was missing your posts!! Your trainer sounds like the perfect fit for you. I hope you've taken some "before" pics so you can share "after" pics of your new even-more-buff bod soon!

    1. I did take some "before" pics, but I will only post them if I get some pretty amazing "after" pics in a couple of months, because they're so incredibly unflattering! Haha!

  2. I guess that we are committed to run To Bone and Back now. Oh well, that's only 13.8 more miles than a marathon, right? That's nuts!!!

    1. Haha! Yep, that's why I wrote it! Committed. :)


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