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Monday, November 19, 2012

Training with Misty, day 1.

I had the best day.  One of my biggest worries about my new training plan has been not knowing how I would learn to feel truly "comfortable" in the weight room.  The machines, the bars, the weights, the buff people making lots of grunting noises...it's all very intimidating.  I learned today that sometimes (and let's face it, a lot of the time) our fears are unfounded.

This morning I met up with Misty and as I did a 10 minute jogging warm-up on a treadmill, she went over my new schedule with me.  It looks great, actually.  Not only is she giving me more than an adequate amount of my favorite cardio stuff - spinning and running - but even all the strength training excites me.  I realized today that most of the strength training I've been doing on my own was not near enough, both in weight and variety of exercises.

Once I finished warming up, we got busy in the weight room.  Today we did legs.

(These aren't mine, but they could be...hehehe.)

We spent almost an hour and a half, and still didn't even do all the sets of everything that I will normally be doing.  It took a little longer because she had to go over a lot of the basic stuff with me, because I pretty much had know idea what I was doing.  Thankfully, she was patient and helpful and completely focused on pushing me.  At the end of the workout, I realized how many other people were buzzing around the weight room and I had no idea.  I was so tuned in, soaking in everything Misty was teaching me, that I was oblivious to what normally would have been the deterrent keeping me from spending too much time in there.

Part of today's training also included a spinning class.  I chose to go to the evening one, so after doing leg work with Misty, I had time to come home and clean the house before the kids got home from school.  I stopped every once in a while to practice my dead lift form.  I couldn't get it right for the life of me when we were working on it at the gym, to the point that Misty actually removed it from my regimen.  She said it would be worse to do it with poor form, since I could hurt my back.  I practiced it so much today though that I'm hoping she will be willing to add it back in soon.  Also, I don't think my butt muscles have ever been this sore, especially this soon after a workout.  I hope that means I did some things right. :)

Now I'd better go get some sleep.  Another training session tomorrow, and this one includes an interval run.  Should be fun!

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