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Thursday, November 1, 2012

How high can you jump?

Today's workouts wore me out, no doubt about it.  I did my usual Thursday routine: weights first for about 20 minutes before enjoying a great spinning class.  That was all fine, but Muscle Fusion X took the last of my strength for the day.  I came home from the gym ready to collapse into bed.

Most of the workout was okay, many of the same exercises we usually do in this class, including skaters, jump kicks, overhead press with the barbell, lunges - that sort of stuff.  But we also did jump squats...a lot of them.  3 sets of 32 jump squats.  I thought I was feeling it at the end of each of those sets, but I think I'm just now starting to really feel it!  My legs ache.

Jump squats - This woman looks way too happy about this.  She must not have had to do 96 of them. :)

Tomorrow is a rest day for me.  Normally I do a spin class on Fridays, but I think it might be wise to let my legs rest so I can at least make a respectable attempt at a decent half-marathon on Saturday.  I'm totally just running this one for fun - the weather looks to be perfect, I get to run with my friend and it's a lot of downhill - but I still have a goal in mind.  I've only done one other 'official' half-marathon in my short 3 year running career and it was the first race I ever did.  My time on that one was 2:37 (I'd only been running for 6 months at the time) and I've improved considerably since then.  It would be cool to see how much improvement I've made over the course of the past couple of years.  Send happy running thoughts... ♥

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  1. Well? How did it go? Can't wait for your recap!


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