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Saturday, December 15, 2012

12.5 miles, YakTrax, and a special offer from Suddora.com!

Much like last week's long run, Mother Nature decided today would be a good day for a run in the snow.  My friend, Lisa met me at my house around 7:30 am and as we got ready to head out onto the snow and ice covered roads, we decided to put YakTrax on our shoes.  Good thing we did, too.  The roads were a slippery mess and a little scary.  Right from the start of our run, my hamstrings and glutes were feeling tight and sore.  I'm guessing it was due to my leg workout and MFX on Thursday - still not healed from all the squatting, lunging and jumping.  I was really glad I had Lisa to keep me motivated for this run because it was not easy.  Running on the snow probably didn't help with my leg pain much, but we pushed through and made it 12.5 miles.

Last week I was contacted by the nice folks at www.Suddora.com/, a sporting goods website.  They gave me the opportunity to try out one of the sports headbands they sell on their site.  I wore the Halo II Pullover sweat blocking headband on my run today.  It's made of the patented Dryline Fabric and has a Sweat Block Seal which channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face.


It worked perfectly.  It stayed in place and soaked up every drop of sweat before it dripped down my forehead.  I am definitely going to give this one a try in a spin class - I can't wait to see if it can hold up to that sweat-fest! :)

They are also generously offering you all - my loyal readers - a discount when you make a purchase on their site.  Just go check out www.Suddora.com/ - use the coupon code RedHeadRunner and receive a 10% discount on http://www.suddora.com/head-sweatbands sweatbands, bracelets, athletic accessories and more!  Awesome, right?!

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