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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Soreness confusion.

On Wednesday I did a total of 8 sets (of 8-10) pull-ups, using both the assist machine and a spotter.  On Thursday...I was feeling it.  My arms and lats were so, so sore.  Yesterday the soreness was a bit better, but by the time I finished my upper body workout, my arms and shoulders were toast.

Oddly enough, where I'm not sore?  My glutes and hamstrings!  After many days of being sore in my upper legs, it has felt weird to not be sore there.  On Thursday I did my second weekly leg workout, and also added in the ab exercises I couldn't do on Tuesday when the gym was closed.  After doing that, I went to Muscle Fusion X where we did lots of squats, lunges and dead lifts - and I even used a bit more weight - and I'm still not that sore in my legs.

Yesterday I did my chest/shoulder/triceps workout followed by a spin class.  I felt complete fatigue after class, all of my body was wiped out.  I slept like a baby last night.

This morning I actually feel pretty good, though still a little sore and stiff in my arms and shoulders.  I have decided to go to the gym today instead of hitting the road for a long run, for several reasons.  First of all, the roads are in terrible condition, with ice and snow, and the temperatures are pretty dang cold.  Maybe if I had the extra motivation of being committed to running with a running buddy, I could force myself to deal with the wintry conditions and just suck it up, but my usual long run friend can't run with me today, so that extra motivation isn't there.

Instead I plan to do my ab workout first when I get to the gym, then I will go to a 9am spinning class and maybe follow that up with a short run on a treadmill.  I don't feel I have much time to waste.  This is the end of week 6 on my new training/body transformation plan and next week sometime Misty will be assessing my body fat and measurements again.  At this point I am about half way through the routine, because at 12 weeks Misty will re-evaluate my progress and create a new training schedule for me to use for the next 12 weeks after that.

I'm thinking I might wait to post progress pictures until I've hit the 12 week mark.  I think it will be more dramatic then.  I can already see some serious change in my body, and I think you will all be amazed and the changes you see when I do post some pictures.  It feels pretty darn good to have muscles. :)

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  1. Your running buddy isn't running in this weather either. Let's move to Arizona for the winter!!!


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