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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 167.

Today is a rest day, but in all honesty I have to admit I did 30 minutes of Yoga this morning.  I didn't have a chance to do it yesterday, as I had wanted, and I really felt like my body needed it.

On another note, earlier this week I received a book I had ordered, it's called "The Runner's Diet", by Madelyn Fernstrom, (it's a publication of Runner's World).  I've been concerned about getting a handle on my diet issues, as far as making sure I'm fueling my body adequately without overeating and gaining weight.  It seems like it'd be impossible to gain weight with all this running, but I find that on certain days my appetite is insatiable, and other days totally lacking, so the healthiness of my eating habits is probably not what it should be.  Anyway, I finished the book in a few hours, and am trying to follow it's guidelines and sample menus.  There are some great tips in it about when is the best time (for runners) to eat certain foods, and reading this book also reminded me that just because I run doesn't mean I can eat whatever and whenever I want.  It's a good book to have as a reference:

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