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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

9 mile run.

I took this photo with my phone about 7 miles into my run this morning.  Yes, that is actually the sun you see shining there!  It was cold and windy - 32 degrees, but the sun felt SO good that I was even smiling at the wind.  :)
I warmed up this morning with a few minutes on the elliptical before hitting the road.  I had a very strong headwind the first 4-5 miles, but I was feeling so good physically and mentally, that I just kept saying: "Power through, power through..." over and over in my head.  I think part of my good mood is that I heard from my mentor/friend yesterday and he had a good time at the Boston Marathon, after battling multiple injuries and not fitting in (what he considered) adequate training, he finished the marathon, feeling good, with an awesome time of 4:28.  The fact that he finished feeling good makes me the most happy, and he says he feels good about running the Ogden Marathon with me in less than 5 weeks, so I am stoked!

After my run this morning, I did a Pilates/Yoga Crunch DVD (42 minutes) and now - yep, you guessed it - I am headed into my lovely ice bath.

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  1. We've had nothing but April SHowers out here, I'm glad the was soooo beautiful for you! Are the ice baths helping?


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