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Saturday, June 4, 2011

12.65 miles.

I got an early start on this morning's long run, heading out the door at 6:15 after a brief warm up.  I had dressed in a new running outfit - a pink singlet and a black running skirt - anticipating a warm run since it's sunny and predicted highs are supposed to reach mid 70's.  Unfortunately at that early in the morning there wasn't much warmth, even when the sun came up over the mountains, and I was cold the entire run.  It's even worse when you start to sweat but you still feel cold.  At any rate, I completed my run, taking a few walking breaks during the last 4-5 miles.  I felt really good during the first 7-8 miles, as is typical for me, but I hit a wall after that and really had to push myself to finish.  I had to remind myself that I'm only 2 weeks out from the marathon and my muscles are still recovering.  Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of this sunny Saturday knowing I don't run again until Tuesday. :)

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