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Thursday, June 2, 2011

7 mile tempo run.

I meant to get up early this morning to do my run, but my body didn't want to cooperate and I slept in until about 7.  I did a brief warm-up before heading out for my 7 mile tempo run.  According to the book, on this run the goal was to maintain a consistent pace at about 20 seconds slower than my 10K pace.  The problem I'm having with this plan is that all the runs are based on gauging all of my paces according to my 10K pace and I don't really know what that is.  I've just gone through all of my Garmin downloads for the past year and looked at what pace most of my 6-7 mile runs were.  I'm more interested in what pace I would like to be doing, and kind of going from there.  At any rate, for today's run, I set my Garmin to alert me if I was going slower than 11 min/mile so I would know to speed up a little bit.  There were a couple of times that my alarm went off; man, it is hard to keep a consistent pace when running out on the road, taking into account all the hills, etc.  There were also a few times I looked at my pace on my watch and I was going under 10 min/mile.  When I downloaded my run info from my Garmin when I got home, it showed that I had an average pace of 10:37 min/mile, finishing a little over 7 miles in just under 74 minutes.  I guess that works.  I felt like I was pushing myself more than I usually do, and I guess that's the point of these tempo runs.  I did a few minutes of stretching after my run, but again today I hope to get in some Pilates a little later.

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