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Thursday, November 17, 2011

12.8 miles!

Gobble ~ Gobble! Okay, it's me standing by a bunch of wild turkeys we saw around mile 8 that you can't see in the picture because it was taken with my phone.  You also can't see (very well) my super cool new Under Armour shirt/jacket thingy that my sneaky husband bought me at Dick's as a peace offering!  Long story. :)
I talked my reluctant husband into going on another long run with me today.  He was still feeling a tad sore from our run on Tuesday, but I convinced him that there is no better way for us to spend our "kid-free" time together than by going on a run...or a hike, but there's too much snow in the mountains now for that.  :)

We did a 12.8 mile loop and today we used the run/walk/run method doing a 3 minute run to 1 minute walk ratio.  I'm telling you, I haven't felt so good on a run in a long time.  Even as it started to snow a little bit, it felt refreshing and peaceful.  By the time we got back to the house, I felt like I could have kept on going.  Chris, on the other hand, was ready to be done at that point.  I'm actually pretty impressed with him, since he normally only does a couple of runs a week, one longer and one shorter, sometimes one more, but two 9+ mile runs within a couple of days?  Awesome!

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  1. Whenever Ben's in trouble I say "you owe me something pretty!" But you're husband did an excellent job. It's super cute!!!

    You're so cute and petite!


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