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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just 'Cuz Half Marathon!

No, I didn't run this time, but the kids and I went to support my husband as he ran the 13.1 miles!  Oh, but for working an aid station I got this sweet shirt...

...which is what most people do the run for anyway, so I'm good! ;)

Just joking.  We really had a fun time helping out and getting to watch Chris as he pushed through this one.  Just as we were driving up to the parking area where he was to catch the shuttle to the start, we realized he had put on his old and crappy pair of running shoes instead of his good Asics.  Bummer.  I was feeling for him when  I knew he was going to have to run so far in those things.  He didn't seem to mind too much, though.  He's tough.  He didn't mind the 20 degree temperatures, the blowing wind or the snow, either.  Good sport.  On the other hand, working at an aid station in that weather was much less pleasurable.  I'm pretty sure I would have rather been running!  As several of my friends passed during the race, we all agreed I should have been running with them.  I think it was good for the kids to get to help out and support the runners, too though.  They seemed to have a good time, anyway.

I was excited that we were able to finish our portion of "aiding" the race in time to drive down to the finish line area and see Chris end his race.  He said he felt really good for most of the time, except the last couple of miles when his knees started to hurt.

And where else but in beautiful southeastern Idaho could you run a race alongside this big guy:

Awesome job, honey!

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