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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

9 miles and a new recumbent bike!

I was so determined to get outside for a run today.  I waited until 9, because when I took the kids to school it was about 20 degrees - still a little cold for me.  I felt fine for the first few miles, but I did a 9 mile loop that, when you reach the far side, is up against a mountain which means little to no sunshine for several miles.  So, with no sun and the wind picking up, I was FREEZING!  Oh, well.  At least I got out there on the road again.  It really is so different from the treadmill.  But yesterday we got the latest issue of Runner's World, and in it is an article about treadmill running which was helpful and motivating.

I'm also excited that we got the exercise bike that we ordered.  My husband put it together.  We decided on a recumbent bike, even though I initially thought I would get a spin bike.  Since both my husband and I will be using it, he wanted one with a comfortable seat that he could use for cardiovascular cross-training without too much stress on his joints.  I think it will be a good addition to our humble home-gym. :)

 (If you're wondering why I'm wearing a jacket, it's because I couldn't warm up after my run.  My body was shivering, but I wanted to sit on the bike for a photo.)

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