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Monday, February 27, 2012

The usual.

Nothing too exciting to report today...

I started out my morning with 35 minutes of Pilates, then after taking the kids to school, I got on the elliptical for  45 minutes, then the bike for another 45 minutes.

I'm feeling kind of blah today.  I still have a headache, probably my body is still fighting off this cold, although I'm not feeling as congested.  I am trying to at least pull it together mentally, even though my body is sluggish, and get myself motivated to have an uplifting and productive week.  After all, there's only about 11 weeks until the marathon, and I really feel the need for some good, long runs.

My husband and I are planning a long run of about 20 miles tomorrow, but we all know how a similar plan last week was foiled by the weather.  I just finished checking the National Weather Service website for the weekly forecast: yep, there's snow coming.  I just hope it's not too much or too windy, because we can run in some snow, but the wind is kind of a deal breaker.  Thankfully, we now have an alternative to get us through the winter months since we can go to the gym.  Even though it's not quite the same as doing a long run on the road, we can do a hard, long workout and even do a fair amount of running on the treadmill and keep an adequate amount of cardio fitness to prepare for the marathon.  I will be glad when I don't have to be concerned with the weather forecast daily and can just get out and run!

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