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Monday, March 12, 2012

8 miles.

I wish I could bottle some of the motivation and strength I feel on some days, so I could drink it on days like today.  I have been acutely aware of so many of the muscles in my body the past few days, that I was having a hard time getting cracking this morning.  On Saturday evening, even though I'd already done a pretty good workout in the morning, I joined my husband at the gym for his weight training session, where I also did an hour of weights.  As much as I know it will (hopefully) help me become a stronger runner, I'm not sure I needed to add pec, lat, tri and ab soreness to my already worn out body.  My lower back and quads are still recovering from that dang spin/butt kick class, for crying out loud.  (Yes, please...I'll take some cheese with my whine.) :)

Anyway...I got on the treadmill this morning and eventually cranked out about 8 miles, doing a combination of running and walking.  At least it's something.  This week we will be switching things up just a bit, because it appears we're going to be having some excellent weather, perfect for running on the road.  Tomorrow morning it's back to the gym for spinning and other cardio and weights, but Wednesday we're going to try to get out there for some good, old fashioned running.

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  1. "at least it's something" is exactly right. Make sure you let your body rest! Don't get sick. I think it's awesome you got 8 miles out even feeling weak.


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