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Friday, April 13, 2012

Casserole Friday, remember?

I got up a tad early this morning to get in a mini-workout before heading out for cub scout meetings.  I did Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD, and that's really all I had time to do.  Later in the afternoon, though, my husband and I were able to take the kids and go to the gym, where I was able to workout a little more while Chris swam with the kids.  I started out on a treadmill where I did 30 minutes and 3 miles.  After that, I got on a StairMaster machine and did another 30 minutes.  I wore my heart rate monitor, and my average heart rate for that hour was 145, so it was a decent workout.  I wasn't feeling that great, though.  I have been in a bit of a slump mentally the past few days, and try as I might to get my mood swinging back in the right direction, it hasn't quite happened yet.  At least, not for more than short little bursts of time.

Tomorrow would normally be a running day.  My husband has the day off from work and we had wanted to run together.  Unfortunately, Chris is still nursing a bum knee/IT band and in an effort to keep it on the healing path and not worsen it, with only 5 weeks to go before the marathon, we've decided not to run tomorrow.  Instead we're going to go to the gym in the morning and do a double-header spinning class.  Saturday morning is the only time they offer back to back spinning classes, and most people do one or the other.  We're going to do both.  I'm kind of excited, but a bit nervous at the same time.  I always feel totally wiped out after 1 hour of spinning, I can't imagine how I'll feel after 2!  I'm sure we'll make it through, and it should give us an excellent cardiovascular workout to substitute for a run.  Next week will be our biggest training week before starting the taper period before the marathon.  I can't wait!!


  1. Seriously, your cross training is so impressive. I wish I did a fraction of what you do at the gym!

  2. Gosh, I don't know about that! I still feel like there's always room for improvement. Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time exercising, but it's my hobby and I have fun with it, so I can't imagine not making it a priority.


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