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Friday, May 25, 2012

Another busy Friday.

The kids had their last day of school yesterday and I didn't have scout meetings to worry about today, but I did have a lot of other things on my agenda.  I needed to fix the kids their breakfast before I could go grocery shopping (which involved multiple stores for specific items), return some items to another store, go to the bank, and somewhere in there, fit in a workout.  I decided to hit it all in one trip into town, the gym being my last stop so I could be there for the noon spinning class.  I actually got everything else done and made it to the gym with time to do about 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill before spin class, which got me good and warmed up.  Spinning was awesome, as usual.  I try to put my all into every class, and today was no exception, but for the first time I felt like calling it good when there was still 15 minutes to go in the class.  I was completely spent.  I didn't though.  I just kept pedaling.  I know I would have felt worse later for quitting early, so I'm glad I finished.  Tomorrow morning my husband and I are either going to go on a run (our first since the marathon), or another early spin class.  We'll be deciding based on how we feel in the morning.

I'm finally starting to feel a little more like myself, almost one week post-marathon.  For a little motivation and inspiration, I've ordered a couple of new running books: "26.2 miles of Blisters and Bliss," by Dean Karnazes and "Running for Women," by Kara Goucher (thanks Jan, for the recommend)!  I am eagerly awaiting their arrival because I need a new focus, a new perspective and some fresh training ideas for a new schedule.

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