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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day, back in the saddle...

And no, this time I'm not referring to spinning (you know, the saddle, haha!), although Chris and I did end up going to that spinning class on Saturday morning, which made it three days in a row of spin class for me last week.  Yesterday I enjoyed a nice, rainy rest day.  This morning I woke up, the sun was out and I felt ready to get back out on the road.  First I did 45 minutes of Pilates, then I went out and I did my favorite 9.2 mile loop, which took me about an hour and 40 minutes.  It felt good to run again, since it's been a week since the marathon and I've been taking a break from running.  My hamstrings were feeling kind of tight, but other than that I felt pretty good.  This looks to be a promising week of good weather, so hopefully the kids and I will get lots of time outdoors.  Hope everyone has been enjoying this holiday weekend with their families.

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