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Friday, June 15, 2012

2.4 miles of speedwork.

Here's my daughter Sophia and I before we left for our run...

She was so excited to get to ride out on the road with me, instead of having to do circles on the path at the park!  I had initially intended to just do an out and back 2-3 mile run, since that's all I have time for this morning.  But once we were out there, we were having a hard time keeping pace with each other.  She was having trouble going up the hills and was walking her bike, but I was wanting to power up the hills.  Then she would fly down the hills, and while I was going at a pretty good clip, obviously I couldn't keep up with her on  a bike.  So...I decided to make some fun speedwork out of it.  When she wanted to walk her bike, I would sprint ahead to the next street sign or crossroad, then sprint back, then walk with her for a few feet and then do it again.  My average pace for the 2.4 miles (that I tracked with my Garmin) was 8:54.  We actually went about 3 miles total, but I turned off the gps when we were doing our warm-up and cool-down walking portion.

After our run...

My stupid hamstrings are still bugging me.  They are as tight as ever and no amount of stretching or self-massaging seems to be helping all that much.  Anyone else have problems with their hamstrings?

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  1. Bummer about your hamstrings! My husband has had great success with ART Chiropractic care, as has Kara Goucher. Maybe there is one in your area?


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