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Monday, July 30, 2012

It really is a new day!

My friend Holly was feeling too sick with a cough to run with me this morning, so I went it alone.  I even allowed myself to sleep in a little before heading out into the heat of the day.  As my husband slept, I snuck out of bed around 7:30 and got my running clothes on before I had time to change my mind.  I did a 9 mile loop and had a pretty decent run, although still feeling a twinge in my hamstring.  When I got home, I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD as my leg and core strength training for today.

And now I have a funny story about what it takes to be a mom training for a marathon.  This evening I went to town to go to the gym for a spinning class.  I also needed to stop at the grocery store on my way home to pick up a few things.  Normally when I need to run errands after going to the gym, I bring a change of clothes and shower and change before leaving.  Tonight though, I knew my stop at the store would be quick and I really just wanted to hurry home right after class to be with my family and not spend too much time fussing around.  Of course, after an hour of spinning (with my favorite, the toughest instructor Misty - yay!) I was literally soaked with sweat.  Besides the fact that at 7pm it was still around 100 degrees outside, it's impossible not to get completely drenched  in one of Misty's classes.

As I left the gym, I dried myself as much as possible with my towel, but as I entered Winco I suddenly felt super self-conscious about my wet and sweaty appearance (and probably aroma)!  I quickly pushed my cart through the store, grabbing the things I needed, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone and hoping not to see anyone I knew.  Just as I was approaching the checkout, a lady walking past me turned to the person she was with and said, "That's just gross!"  It was obvious she was referring to sweaty ol' me.  Hahaha!  I really was laughing to myself, as I thought about the fact that this poor woman wearing pajama bottoms and missing a couple of front teeth, clearly had never been to one of Misty's spinning classes!  ;)

Seriously, as moms we get spit-up on, puked on, peed on, messy hands wiped on, and sometimes we get really sweaty trying to fit in a workout while still having to run errands and do things to keep a household functioning.  So, I wear my sweaty clothes and face proudly - I earned every glistening drop.  (Although, next time I might bring a change of clothes no matter what, just in case.) ☺


  1. This blog post made me laugh out loud! I have also been in the same situation in the shops, never had any comments like that, but some people sure did give me some funny looks!


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