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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twin Spin Tuesday.

I really need to remember to go to bed earlier on Monday nights, because Tuesday mornings come way too quickly.  I woke up at 4:45 so I would have time to get dressed, pack my gym back and eat some breakfast before arriving at the gym in time for a 6am spin class.

After the first hour of spinning, I got on a treadmill for 20 minutes of walking/running, then got busy doing my strength training.  Today my focus was chest and biceps, which are actually my favorite muscle groups to work on.  Something about doing bench press and bicep curls makes me feel strong.  I spent about 45 minutes in the weight room, then had just enough time to eat a banana and drink a protein shake before the start of spin class numero dos.

In honor of the on-going Olympics, I though I'd share with you one of my favorite quotes from olympian Kara Goucher's book, Running for Women:

Isn't it funny how universal some things are?  I don't think you could get much more fit than Kara, yet she still has some body image issues.  I really believe that the key to being content with our physical state comes with not comparing ourselves to everyone around us.  I know, way easier said than done.  But I like the idea, as Kara says, that women who run (or walk or workout in any capacity on a regular basis) look powerful, strong and healthy, regardless of how their body conforms to society's idea of "perfection".  Just something to think about...

Now don't forget to watch the women's Olympic marathon on August 5th - Go Team USA!!

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  1. I often see overweight (like really overweight) people out running or even just walking or taking the easy peasy water aerobics class at the gym and I think "Good for them." Because you know as hard as it is for me to work out it's got to be that much harder to lug a ton of extra weight around. I think it is awesome that they are doing something. So if anything, I am judging them in a good way. I did tell my super skinny sister the other day that everyone just walks around hating her in their heads, though. :) I know I do.

  2. I think you're amazing getting up so early for all your workouts. I can never make myself get out of bed for a workout that early in the morning!

    I will be glued to the tv watching the women's marathon on sunday!

    1. Thanks, Camilla! Although, I must admit that those little 5-hour energy shots have become my best friends on those early mornings. :)

      I am also SO excited to watch the marathon! I guess you will get to see it before us, with the time difference, etc!


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