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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trail run.

Taking another cue from Kara Goucher, I decided to run on a trail near our house today.  In her book, she suggests running on three surfaces each week: road, trail and track.  She says, "Running on these three surfaces ensures your running scenery will vary, and your feet and legs will get a better workout on the different terrain."

I began by running up and out on this dirt road for 1.5 miles.  I didn't realize how "up" it was until I turned around to run back and felt the downhill slope.

It was an interesting run because I didn't get out there until after 8 this morning, so it was already starting to get really warm.  As I slowly and heavily put one foot in front of the other on the first half, I felt quite tired, like bricks were in my shoes weighing me down.  Because of that, my average pace for the first half was around 12 min./mile.  Blah.  But...as I quickly picked up my pace and basically just "rolled" down the trail for the second half, my average pace lowered to just over 9 min./mile.  Talk about negative splits!  And even though I only ran 3 miles, when I finished I was dripping with sweat and my skin felt like it was starting to burn.  Good training for the last part of the marathon, I guess!  I won't be surprised to find myself running in the sun and heat on that day, too.

Oh, and another great thing about this run?  I didn't encounter any rattlesnakes!  Although I did have a couple of mule deer bucks bounce across the road in front of me from out of the shrubs.  I sure wish I could go as fast as they do... :)


  1. I think I'd have a heart attack and die on the spot if I saw a rattlesnake. Yay for a trail run! I LOVE trail running and also try to hit 3 surfaces a week. You need to hit some hiking trails--they are even more fun!

    1. Haha...I know, snakes - eewww! (We have had a rattlesnake appear on our front porch before because they are around all over these parts!)

      I would love to start running more "real" trails. I just need to be better at planning for it. There are plenty of hiking trails in the nearby mountains, but most are pretty rocky and steep, so I would need to have someone with me to do it. Maybe this fall when the kids are back in school Chris and I can make that more a part of our routine... :)

  2. That seems like it would be pretty tricky to run on rocky trails! Do people really do that?

    1. Yes! Some to an extreme. Chris and I sat at the finish line of the Pocatello 50 this year (a 50 mile mountain trail run that climbs to the peak of the tallest mountain in our area and then back down all on rocky, sometimes snow covered trails). The runners were coming across the line after 9-15 hours of trail running, with bloody knees and legs from falling on the course! Ouch. That's something. Ever read any of Dean Karnazes' books (Ultramarathon Man)? He tells all kind of details about the difficulties encountered on those kinds of trail runs.


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