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Friday, January 4, 2013

How does this happen?

How do I let days go by without blogging?  Arg.  I sometimes feel like things didn't really happen if I haven't recorded them in my blog. :)

Well, since it's been 3 days, here's a summary of (the rest) of this week's workouts:

Wednesday the kids were back in school and I was back at the gym.  I had my bi-weekly body assessment with Misty to start things off.  I was down a couple of pounds and down another 1% on my body fat - yay!  That means things are continuing to move in the right direction.  After finishing my body assessment, Misty and I headed down to the weight room where she helped me with my pull-ups.  I did 4 sets of 10 pull-ups in a super-set with rope bicep curls.  Then the rest of my weights included isolateral rows, decline bicep curls, close grip pull-downs, standing bicep curls with a barbell, standing cable push downs and low back extensions.  For my cardio I did an hour on a stair machine.

Yesterday was similar: the kids off to school, me hitting the gym.  I went to Muscle Fusion X class, but gave myself about an hour and a half to do my strength training before that.  Thursday is another leg day, but I also mixed in some of my ab exercises from Tuesday's workout, to make-up for some that I couldn't do when the gym was closed.

Today I had to attend cub scout meetings before heading to the gym.  I took the kids with me and they played basketball in the gym while I went to a spin class and then did about 45 minutes of weights.  When I finished with my workout, we all went swimming.

Tonight I am pretty much feeling sore all over.  It's been another great week of tough workouts, though I'm not quite done yet.  Tomorrow is normally slated for my long run, but I'm substituting with 2 spin classes in the morning.  I'm not really interested in running in below zero temperatures, or in doing a long run on a treadmill.  I also need to do some ab exercises, so I'll do those after I finish the spin classes.


  1. I agree it is so much harder to get out there when it's below zero, brrr! Nothing like snot freezing in your nose. LOL


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