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Sunday, January 13, 2013

See? What'd I tell you?

Time for a weekend re-cap, since I haven't had a chance to blog since Thursday.  On Friday, I was able to go to the gym early enough to do my strength training before spin class.  I did my shoulder/tri/chest workout, which took me about an hour, then I went to spin class.

Yesterday (Saturday), I was disappointed that once again the weather did not cooperate with me being able to go on a long run.  I had planned to run with my friend, Lisa, but when we saw the forecast included a high of about 5 degrees and a wind chill bringing it below zero, not to mention the copious amounts of snow and ice on the roads, we decided to forego another long run outside.  So instead, Chris and I headed to the gym with the kids and while he lifted weights and played basketball with the kids, I ran on a treadmill and took a class.

I started out with a little over 30 minutes (3 miles) of running right away, then it was time for the Saturday morning 9am rotating aerobic class, which this week happened to be Muscle Fusion X (Yay!).  Class was about an hour and when I finished, I got back on a treadmill and did another 30 minutes (3 more miles) on the treadmill.  For some reason, it felt like a long run.  I am dying to get back out on the road for a run.

I also took progress photos yesterday, since I just finished my 8th week on my new training schedule.  While I've been noticing changes in my body, I probably should have waited to take the photos because I knew the results would not be good.  You see, the past few days I've been feeling especially bloated and uncomfortable.  We all have those days, mine usually occur in accordance with my monthly cycle. I put on the same sport bra and panties I wore for my first set of photos 8 weeks ago and had Chris take pictures of me in the exact same poses.  I downloaded them to the computer and then proceeded to burst out in tears.  I could barely notice any changes.  Chris gave me the "you're crazy" speech and reminded me that, first of all, it's only been 8 weeks and secondly my skin is very white and the photos don't really show the muscle definition like it appears in real life.  All I know is that I just looked at the photos and all I saw were the same trouble spots looking the same.  I'm not sure what I expected, really.  I guess I thought that even though I've only been doing the heavy lifting for 8 weeks, I have been eating (very) clean and according to Misty's instructions for my specific macro nutrient needs for 6 months.  Also, knowing that according to Misty's body assessments, I have lost over 4% body fat, 3 pounds and several inches, I guess I expected to be able to really see it in the photos.

Thankfully, my pity party didn't last too long.  Chris also lovingly reminded me that after living a certain lifestyle for the majority of my life, it may take a year or two of strength training and clean-eating to really see the physique emerge that I have set as my goal.  And while the changes in 8 weeks may be minimal, they are there and they are positive.  Right now, I am working mainly on building muscle.  I have increased my weights, so I know I am getting a lot stronger and at the 12 week mark, Misty will be changing my routine again and I will be starting the "cutting" phase, which is when I will possibly lose more body fat and really start to show my newly built muscle.  This is my first attempt at setting such specific goals and truly trying to change the shape of my body - not just exercising and eating right to lose weight.  I have been consistent so far and I know I can continue to be, so I just need to have faith that my trainer is leading me in the right way and that as I keep doing what I'm doing, I will eventually start to see the change that I'm looking for.

So, I'm sorry to disappoint those of you who may be looking forward to seeing progress photos.  I am going to hold off on posting them for a bit.  I will take photos again at the 12 week mark and we'll see how I feel then.  If nothing else, the photos from yesterday have fanned the flame of motivation inside me and made me even more committed to "keeping it tight"!

Oh, and I also learned that I need to get a more flattering photo outfit and maybe do a little research into how to pose my body without looking so awkward.  When I finally do get around to posting the full set of progress pictures, you will all see what I mean. :)

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