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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shoulders, abs and speed work.

I am having fun this week, since my husband's work schedule changed and his days off are Tue. through Thurs.   We get to workout together almost every day this week!  Today we went to the gym right after we dropped the kids at school.  I got busy on my shoulder/ab work while he did his thing.

After I did my weights, I moved upstairs to a treadmill where I did my weekly interval run.  I did a pyramid, starting out at 5.5 mph and working my way up to 9.2 mph, where I did 5 X 30 second intervals at that speed, then worked my way back down.  When I finished I had gone 5.8 miles in a little over 50 minutes and my glutes were on fire!  I'm kinda, sorta starting to enjoy my speed work sessions...maybe.  ;)  And thankfully, my banged up leg didn't bother me while I ran, though it's not very pretty to look at.

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